Individual Items (includes: pick-up, supplies, storage and delivery)


Boxes: Small ($20) 16"x16"x16"

Boxes: Medium ($40) 20"x20"x20"

Boxes: Large ($50) 24"x24"x24"


Bubble Wrap: 12"W x 120"L ($2)


Bookshelf: ($32)


Couch: ($60)


Mattress & Boxspring: Full ($50)

Mattress & Boxspring: Queen ($60)

Mattress & Boxspring: King ($70)


Rug/Carpet: max 8' x 8' ($20)


Table: ($24)


Television: ($30)


Desk: ($50)


Desk Chair: ($20)


Dresser: ($42)


Futon: ($55)


Lamp: ($15)


Night Stand: ($15)


Refrigerator: small ($30)


Microwave: ($30)


Trunk: ($30)


Bicycle: ($40)


Other items (not listed): *please contact us for a quote. thanks.



Additional Storage Fees (if necessary)

-Re-Store: ($50)

-Change Storage Day/Time, after May 7: ($25)

-Change Storage Day/Time, after August 15: ($25)

-Customer early access, 5 day notice required: ($25)

-Extended Storage: **50% of your storage price for each additional semester of storage.






Q: Do you offer extended storage? 
A: Yes. NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE, LLC can meet your long-term storage needs. Whether you are going away for a semester or for a whole year, we can arrange storage as long as your storage occurs at the end of the regular school year. We charge an additional 50% of our storage prices for each semester that the items are
stored beyond the summer.

Q: Can I access my belongings during the summer?
A: Yes, as long as you let us know one week in advance.


Q: How do I know how many boxes I will need? 
A: A phone call to our office will help give you a better idea of what you will need.


Q: Can I store items that won't fit into a box? 
A: We can store any item that you need to leave behind. We store futons, trunks, furniture, desks, beds, refrigerators, chairs, etc. Just tell us what it is, and we'll find a way!


Q: What methods of payment do you accept? 
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, money orders and cash.


Q: When do I get billed? 
A: You are billed when order is placed. Credits are issued on the day your storage is picked up, if all boxes are not used.


Q: How do you keep track of items so they don't get lost or mixed in with others? 
A: Labels are placed on all items that are stored with us.


Q: When do I get a receipt?
A: Your storage contract can be printed upon sign up. NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE, LLC is paperless. We can provide electronic copies of your storage contract.


Q: Can I cancel my order? 
A: All orders can be cancelled prior to storage. Credits will be issued once boxes are returned.


Q: What if I bring out more or less than I said I would? 
A: No problem. You will only be billed for the amount of items that you store. Remember, there is no minimum or maximum amount a customer needs to store.


Q: Can I pull my items out of storage early? 
A: Yes, items can be pulled out over the summer. Just give us five days notice. No charges will apply unless it is on a weekend or a holiday.






Established: October 2006

Employees: 24

Warehouse Size: 120,000 sq ft

Owner: Matthew C. Benjamin


Years of transporting my college age children’s school possessions back and forth and storing them untouched in MY GARAGE for 3 months during their summer break has created:




My college age children attend the University of Buffalo, the University of Vermont and the University of Delaware. After their initial send off their Freshman years, my college age children preferred heading back for their Sophomore, Junior and Senior years on their own.


However, their school possessions would not fit in their sub-compact vehicles. I would need to schedule my vacation time around helping them transport their college possessions back each fall semester. Then repeating the same schedule in the spring. I would load the second vehicle and sometimes pull a small trailer with their possessions.


It seemed unproductive and frankly expensive to make these trips since their school possessions sat in MY GARAGE for 3 months unopened and untouched. Their college possessions were just that and not intended to be used during their 3 month summer break.


Thousands of dollars were spent on gas, tolls, meals and even rental equipment each year. My college age children, young adults, enjoyed their independence and would have preferred heading back on their own.


Hence, NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE, LLC was established. Having the experience of packing and transporting their college possessions back and forth hundreds of miles each year and incurring thousands of dollars in expenses has created a QUALITY, PROMPT, PROFESSIONAL and AFFORDABLE locally based storage services company.


NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE provides college student and their parents an affordable alternative to transporting their college possessions back and forth each year.


NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE provides a SIMPLE process. NO NEED to run around to purchase packing materials.


NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE provides college students and their parents all the materials needed to pack and store their college possessions close to campus. Upon SIGN-UP, all materials are delivered to your location. Materials include: boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap, etc.


NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE provides INSURANCE for all stored items.


NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE provides security for your stored possession:


- Tamper-proof tape is applied to all boxes.

- 24 hour security system at warehouse location.


NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE provides local customer service personnel to answer any questions or concerns. It’s as easy as calling 315-422-9680.


NOT MY PARENTS GARAGE provides long-term storage of our customer’s possessions.



Greenhills Plaza
5957 S. Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13205


Phone: 315-422-9680






To send us an email: click here



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